Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Farm Fresh Recipes - Eat what you grow and grow what you eat

Spinach Salad
Packed with nutrients.
Chop ingredients as shown below

Tomatoes from the farm
Fresh Spinach free from any pesticides, from your own little green patch

Green cucumbers, crispy and cooling

Sweet tender corn

Lime and lemony


Sweet Corn
Peanut Powder
Rock Salt to taste
Lime juice

Chop spinach, cucumber and tomato finely. Steam (optional , can be added raw) sweet corn. Mix all ingredients together and add peanut powder, lime juice and salt to taste.
Enjoy the power packed meal and pave your way to a healthy CITY FARMERS lifestyle.....

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  1. Preeti, tu ne kya kamaal kiya re! This blog is going to really rock. Best way to grow city farmers group.

    Looking for more recipies in these pages.