Monday, October 25, 2010

Season 10 Updates summer of 2010

Season started with a surprise of watermelon on the terrace... that too in a tiny place around the soil in a drum and planting and harvesting beans of various kinds.


Yam harvest of 500 gms. was very sweet and sooo tender.
Yam Could have been bigger, but had got damaged due to strong winds in monsoon.

Sword beans were grown for first time on terrace. Seeds courtesy Deepika, from Auroville.

The harvest was plenty!

Mosambis... Sweet Lime. First harvest after 5 years of planting the tree. I had bought it in Nagpur five years ago.
The size of fruit does not decrease inspite of the small size of plant.

Star fruit looks lovely and in full bloom!

The tiny Star fruits!

Mango is blossoming too. The tree is 2 years old. Dont feel like calling it a tree... It still looks like a baby. Should I call it Balika Vadhu? He he!

The baby mangoes on the baby mango tree.

The advent of Winter and we are planning the seasons next harvest of veggies. Seeds have been sown on KOJAGIRI POURNIMA ( full moon ) and will be ready for planting in a fortnight. Will return with updates and more pictures.


  1. Great. Beautiful growth of trees. Thanks for sharing Preeti.


  2. I just saw this Preeti. Its wonderful. Whats happening now at the farm?

  3. Welcome, Preeti, to KGI. I look forward to talking soon. This blog is so interesting to me in Tasmania, Australia where we cannot grow any of these things!