Monday, June 4, 2012

Changing face of the landscape on terrace

Lemon tree

Banana a plenty !
The Chikoo ( sapota ) tree laden with fruit

The pathways designed have been covered with the
trellis to grow all the seasonal gourd varieties!

Basella curtain 

                                           The pathways between beds now covered with creepers of gourds.
                                                so we have gourds on top and basil and brinjal below

                          The baby bottle gourds                              The snake gourds still yielding since March

 The landscape is green with fresh tender growth 
promising bounties for the monsoon!

A pumpkin seed sprouted on the bed under the chikoo tree and started climbing over it.Today it promises us with lots of pumpkin! the first crop since we started the kitchen garden!

                                                    Canopy of pumpkin on chikoo tree

Many flowers.... they make a wonderful vegetable too!

The baby pumpkins....

                                                                   Beetelnut leaves

Pineapples and little gourds on the banana bed

Multicropping..... Banana, turmeric,pineapple, aloe vera, little gourd
                                                                    Passion fruit!


Bitter gourds



Happy Environment day to all!

Lets all work together to make our environment greener and more sustainable!



  1. It's wonderful. I have some doubts, con you please give me your phone no.

  2. It's an amazing images. I like your blog. I am also a farmer, I want to know about more information from you related farming. How to do this farming? I think, it's imagine to changing the face of landscape. So please share me details of farming otherwise give me your contact no. Industry Analysis Report

    1. You can write to us at for more info.
      Sorry for delayed reply. somehow missed seeing the comment.

  3. Hi Preeti,

    I run the online publication The Alternative ( on sustainable living. Could I have your email address to connect on an urban farmer series we are doing at our publication? Look forward to speaking with you!


    1. oops have missed seeing a lot of comments and so the delayed reply. Write to us at

  4. WOW! I am so amazed and I want to start this. I already started collecting soil for doing the same.

    If it rains very heavily, will the mud get washed away from the brick enclosed area?

    When we are planting on the terrace, the root of big plants like any tree we plant will it affect the floor of the terrace/ceiling of the in will the root go into the cement in the ceiling and cause damage?

    What is the height of the mud we need to use to plant a tree on the terrace, for eg many inches of mud will be required?
    Here it's very windy these days, will the tree be able to withstand wind in the terrace.

    Sorry for all the questions, am just so excited to hear from you. You have such an amazing!

  5. The Amrut Mitti is in form of Humus which doesnt get washed away in rains. But yes it has to be completely used by planting varieties of plants. Roots do not get into the slab or harm the structure at all.But do ensure that your roof does not have any existing leakage problems. If u have it is better to get a proper water proofing done and then begin with the project.

    To plant banana we need 8-10 inches of Amrut Mitti. For protection from strong winds pl provide external support to your plants with cross bamboos. I have shown it in my blog. pl see pic.

    You can have such a terrace too. Love, passion and hard work. : ) and joys are yours to share! : )