Monday, June 4, 2012

Changing face of the landscape on terrace

Lemon tree

Banana a plenty !
The Chikoo ( sapota ) tree laden with fruit

The pathways designed have been covered with the
trellis to grow all the seasonal gourd varieties!

Basella curtain 

                                           The pathways between beds now covered with creepers of gourds.
                                                so we have gourds on top and basil and brinjal below

                          The baby bottle gourds                              The snake gourds still yielding since March

 The landscape is green with fresh tender growth 
promising bounties for the monsoon!

A pumpkin seed sprouted on the bed under the chikoo tree and started climbing over it.Today it promises us with lots of pumpkin! the first crop since we started the kitchen garden!

                                                    Canopy of pumpkin on chikoo tree

Many flowers.... they make a wonderful vegetable too!

The baby pumpkins....

                                                                   Beetelnut leaves

Pineapples and little gourds on the banana bed

Multicropping..... Banana, turmeric,pineapple, aloe vera, little gourd
                                                                    Passion fruit!


Bitter gourds



Happy Environment day to all!

Lets all work together to make our environment greener and more sustainable!