Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Our coconut tree sweeps us off

Our coconut tree on the terrace was planted 10 years ago on the terrace, when we were totally inexperienced about farming activities. One of our staff members from the kitchen brought this sapling from his native village and so this tree established itself in these grey surroundings.It has been a sight of wonder and joy as people discovered it;s presence. Many wondered how the roots did not affect the slab, how the weight of the tree did not cause cracks etc...Although this tree has not yet given us any coconuts, it is a source of great joy. It is said that 1 coconut tree can sustain 1 family. I am not surprised.

Today I was thrilled when our gardener showed me three brooms he had made from the leaves of the coconut tree. I fell in love with the brooms and felt like hanging them on my walls...... : )

The thick jute cloth like pieces on the bark were cut to be used for lining the aerated drums!

What more can an urban farmers want? Just waiting for the coconuts!


  1. Preeti
    If I remember correct,your coconut tree is standing on the strength of the boll.The roots have not penetrated the terrace during my visit.I also remember to have remarked WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF THE TREE IS MOVED AWAY from the parapet of the terrace?

  2. How tall is the coconut tree? if it is not normal tall coconut tree how you manage to retard the growth of stem?

  3. We have not done anything to retard the growth. The soil is not much and this itself has prevented the growth. We plan to grow a dwarf variety so that it can also give us fruits!