Saturday, April 9, 2011

April blooms

This site of the chikoo tree( Sapota ) loaded with chikoos greeted me today as I entered the terrace. My joy knew no bounds to see so much abundance!

Celery was fresh and green with an awesome strong flavour.

And yes! The Grafted Sonchafa a gift from Jyoti Bhave, my dear friend , has bloomed for the first time since we planted it two years ago.

Its beauty and fragrance is mesmerizing.....

Our gardener Nakti with his prized gift of fresh Kohlrabi grown in Amrut Mitti.

The papaya tree ( male ) grown sooo high on six inches of Amrut Mitti needs to be cut as it does not yield fruit and also its roots have started affecting the plants growing in the adjacent beds

After the winter months and shedding of leaves, the terrace garden is once again green and flowers are in full bloom......


  1. I have a sonchafa in huge pot its been 3 years now but still its not flowered. Could you help me, I read above that "Grafted Sonchafa", will I need to do grafting. I will ariciate if you give me some technical information. Thank tou _ Rajeshwari

  2. No entries since 3 months............May, June and July....each month we visited your blog so many times in hope to find new photos....Please please please post some news for 3 months.