Thursday, September 1, 2011

Monsoon Magic has spread in the air

Monsoon is the time for eating all veggies above the ground. This is a statement arising out of an "A - Ha" moment while watching the abundant snails, soil insects chomping away happily on those which grow close to the soil. eg: greens, roots, cabbages and its family members.

So its time for the abundant variety of gourds that grow in India.

Bottle gourd
Ridge Gourd
Little gourd
Bitter gourd
Sponge gourd

This year our bottle gourd grew so well, promising us with an abundant produce!

Yes, a comment in the last post reminded me I have not posted anything for a long time.

We have been enjoying the monsoon harvests, and yes we have had some bumper crops.

Almost 150 lemons and still counting.....


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