Sunday, February 8, 2009

Establishing a proper energy pool and food chain.

The word agriculture is also to be understood in a new context. Agriculture is agree-culture or agreement of all the neighbourhood cultures existing and evolving.To the Prayog Pariwar the term agriculture truly emphasises agreement of different resources in all instantaneous events going on in theneighbourhood domain.
"A Prosumer Society"
The term prosumer society is a combination of the words 'producer' and consumer. Only when a producer will also be a consumer , then a close link between wealth generation, distribution and consumption of wealth will emerge.
In natures ecological framework three biotic components emerge :
1. producer
2. consumer
3. decomposer
There is a macro link in all natures working and sharing is totally done through nutrient elements, through energy exchange carried through various organic and other compounds.A prosumer society will be not only of consumers or producers of one thing or another but will be basically a society in which each individual will be both a producer and a consumer of a) new knowledge b) new wealth c) harvester and utiliser of energy which in another sense means a producer of energy (in one form to another) and consumer of energy (to pump out and reduce entropy from system).

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