Sunday, February 8, 2009

Plenty for all. Ready to receive it?
Natueco corresponds to 'nature' and 'ecology'. Natueco Farming is based on a belief that nature provides 'Plenty for all' we must know how to harvest it. Nature does so within the Laws of it's own making.
1. The first Law of Thermodynamics which states: "The sum total of all mass and energy in the system will remain constant". Matter can neither be created nor destroyed, but they may be transformed from one form or type to another. An example is the conversion of solar energy into chemical energy through photosynthesis.
2. The second Law of Thermodynamics also known as the "Law of Entropy". As per this law although matter can neither be created nor destroyed, it can be degraded into unavailable heat energy so that no work can be harnessed from it. Classic example is the Global warming.
Entropy or chaos means total loss of inter relationship which exists through some form of mutual exchange. Energy to remove entropy comes from the sun. However only mature green canopy of leaves of plants can harvest the sun energy. So GREENING IS THE FIRST PHASE FOR DEVELOPMENT at any place.
The major features of Natueco farming are
1. Harvesting the sunlight
2. Recycling of resources
3. Establishing a proper energy pool and food chain.


  1. Hi Preeti,
    The work is commendable.I am Ar.Poorva Keskar.We are having a post graduate course in Environmental Architecture and with my students would love to visit and experience the biodiversity on the terrace.

  2. Yes Poorva, it is inside a high security area in the docks.The best season to experience the bio diversity is post monsoon when butterflies, caterpillars are a plenty.We can work out entry permits with prior approvals and passes. I think you know my cousin Mrs Anita Khandekar architect in Poona.
    Do send me a mail at . There is lots I feel we can work on.

  3. hi, i am architectural student and i want to know more about nateueco farming any body having more knowledge about this please send some information at my

  4. i want to implement this technique at my terrace

  5. i have a new discovery called pota farming.all the plants are natueco but they are in bags i mean bags of rice ,in marathi we says pota or bora in hindi.if u allow me thn i will poat some pix off that