Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mapping the bio diversity on the terrace farm

I have been mapping the bio diversity on the terrace farm. And one can imagine my excitement at having found this amazing spider , all with a moustach, eyes, and an Amir Khan like hair style! This was a beginning of the journey into the extra ordinary tiny kingdom of insects and butterflies. Would love to share some of the beauties.... Here they are!

Araneus mitifica ; my spiderman!

Fruit Fly

pentotamidae Eysarcoris guttiger (Stal)
Commonly called as TWO SPOTTED SESAME BUG

Gram blue

Tailed Jay
Life cycle of Common Mormon

Great eggfly
Its not possible to post all. But these were a few of my favourites. These beuties arrived only after we stopped the use of organic pesticides completely....

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  1. Hey lovely images.
    I shot an image of the spider, Araneus mitifica.
    Didn't know the id, was looking for it and landed on your blog.

    Here's my image: